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My wife and I visited Marrakech for a few days not long ago (I am a lawyer and my wife a design professor). Our decision to contact Kharrouby Tour Guide was our best decision.

Youssef Kharroubi speaks English perfectly (as well as Japanese, French and Arabic). He was born in Marrakech, knows all about it and loves it! We were taken to special places as well as to common places, where life flows independently of tourists visits. We managed to see people, shops and streets that we would have never managed to see on our own.

While we walked around, Youssef would tell about history, politics, art, culture and practical advice. It was a great experience.

Also, everything is CHEAPER with him. We hired a taxi, bought fruit, sunglasses and other items much cheaper than at any other time. And the shops were chosen by us, not by him (one could tell he did not know the shopkeepers). Youssef bargained on our behalf and got it much cheaper. He did not avoid arguments to protect our interests and make sure that we are not charged a sort of tourist charge; instead, he wanted us to pay the amount he would have paid. It is his vision that one can only help Marrakech by playing straight with visitors.

We will be visiting Marrakech again with our 3 children and we are definitely going to contact Youssef Kharroubi. I plan – and would advise the reader – to save all the relevant shopping to the touring day and have his help in buying it with or for us.

I have no hesitations in recommending Youssef Kharroubi: honest, knowledgeable and polite.


I would like to recommend and encourage those visitors to Marrakech, a tour guide –

Youssef Karroub whose knowledge of this beautiful city, together with sightseeing, shopping and patience is unbelievable. The sites we visited with its beautiful architecture and history I would not have seen if it had not been for Youssef. The two highlights of his tour guide for me were visiting the Berber pharmacy where I made purchases of their argan oil creams and different Moroccan spices [which you are able to bring into NZ]. But the biggest and most awesome buy for me was from the carpet shop. Again, Youssef had the patience of a saint whilst I was trying to decide over an hour or two on my purchase. So many gorgeous and different varieties of carpets, it was difficult to choose! The carpets chosen were couriered to my home in New Zealand within the time frame given. And I have to thank Youssef for his assistance.

Michael W

Jut came back from visiting Marrakech in late November.

I dont think I would have seen as much, learnt as much or discovered as much without the private tour from Youssef. We spread the tour out over 2 days and it was well worth it. Youssef is very knowledgeable about Marrakech and was invaluable to us – especially while visiting the Souks as he has an innate knowledge of the inner workings of it.

I highly recommend hiring Youssef to help guide you through this awesome city when you visit. Well worth the cost!

AG Traveller

Youssef has been the most charming, reliable and knowledgeable guide we have had on any of our trips so far.

My children adored spending time with Youssef who treated them as if he was their uncle in Marrakech. Youssef knows the history, culture and gossip of the city as well as the best spots for food and shopping. He is always smiling and very polite but he can get quite forceful when needed (one of my sons was bothered on the Jeema al Fna and Youssef very quickly sorted the situation and made us all feel completely safe)

We had a wonderful 4 days with him. Thank you Youssef!!!

Dennis G

I cannot recommend Youssef Kharroubi enough!

He was not only very knowledgeable, but he was also a very fun and appealing person to be with. We enjoyed our guided tour in Marrakech with Youssef and felt that we were in good hands. He is a very kind person. You cannot go wrong

Anna M

During my two weeks in Marrakesh, I was thoroughly enjoying wandering around the Medina – the old city – and following my nose.

However I was extremely grateful for my hosts advice to spend a few hours with a tour guide – namely Youssef. He showed me an insiders view of Marrakesh that was very special. He is a warm, friendly and genuine person who was generous with his time and knows every inch of the city. He could explain much of the history and how old traditions were still surviving in modern-day Marrakesh. Watching him interact with other local people showed me a lot about how this culture is about warmth, connection and helping each other – so that I felt closer to the real Marrakesh – not just the tourists. His good connections also meant he could put me on to an excellent Arabic teacher. I would warmly recommend a guided tour with Youssef to anyone wanting to be suprised, educated and charmed by Marrakesh and its people.

Greg S

Marrakesh was truly an adventure and experience well never forget.

The souk in Marrakesh is enormous and one of the largest in the world, if not the largest! I highly recommend getting a tour guide to show you around. The souk is like a labyrinth, so having someone who knows their way around is only one reason to hire Youssef Kharroubi. Youssef is well connected and can arrange the most comprehensive tour.

Thanks for showing us around and making our visit to Marrakesh an experience of a lifetime!


I only had one evening on a business trip to get out to see Marrakech.

I found Kharroubi by good luck and he immediately took me into the heart of the ancient city, down side streets that I wouldnt have found myself and introducing me to lovely people along the way. In my few hours, I was utterly enchanted and felt very at ease with my knowledgeable and friendly guide. I told him what I was wanting and he made it happen. I wish I had a guide like that in all the cities I travel.

Kiwi Traveller

Hi Youssef !

Marrakech no guide doumo arigatou gozaimasita. issyouno omoide desu.

Youssef-san no okagede Morocco no kotoga, Marrakech no kotoga, daisuki ni narimashita.

Youssef-san no guide ha totemo wakariyasukute, totemo tanoshii desu!!

okagede zutto egaodeshita.

Youssef-san ga Japan ni kitatokiha, kondowa watashitachi ga guide shimasu!

deha mata itsunohika oaisimayshou. Ciao !

Atsushi & Seiko desu

Hey Youssef,

thanks for the amazing day in marrakesh. You are an excellent speaker and you told us a lot of interesting facts. Best regards

Eva Bruno


Thank you for sending us your website. The tour that you gave us was one of the highlights of our trip. Keep in touch.

Curtis Jones and Ingrid Aligaen

Dear Youssef,

My friends Diane & Barry were staying at the Riad Ambre et Espices a few weeks ago, and you were their Guide for a Marrakech walk. They were very pleased, and have recommended you to me.

I will be staying at Riad Ambre et Epices later in May. We will be arriving on Tuesday 18th May, and would like to book you for a few hours on Wednesday 19th May. Are you available that day? Would you be able to come to the Riad at 10.00am? Is that a good time to start?

My friend and I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully to meeting you and enjoying your tour. Best Wishes,

Susan Wood

Hi Yousef,

How are you? Gunna and I arrived safely back at home. It is cold and snowy. I already ran my errands (all moroccan spices and ingredients) and am now unpacking my luggage. Still have the smell of Marrakech with me. 🙂 Thank you for your company. Gunna and I enjoyed it very much! Kindest regards from Berlin,

Mary Kinzelberg

Hi Youssef,

How are you? Gunna and I arrived safely back at home. It is cold and snowy. I already ran my errands (all moroccan spices and ingredients) and am now unpacking my luggage. Still have the smell of Marrakech with me. 🙂 Thank you for your company. Gunna and I enjoyed it very much! Kindest regards from Berlin,


Hi There

I would like to thank you for the carpets which were duly delivered by Fedex last week. They just look great in our town house and when I am able to, I will take a photo and put on my facebook together with sending you a copy and my recommendation! Most of New Zealand has been covered in snow which is rarity in some parts of the country, including where I live.

Again, I appreciated your help in showing me all your beautiful carpets and I just wished I was able to purchase more – who knows, there may be another time. Cheers

Maree Myers


Just wanted to thank you for a fabulous tour yesterday. We found our way back to the Riad after walking around the souks for a little while. We wanted to get a tracking number for the package that is being shipped to NY but dont have any information from the store. Do you have a phone for them? Can you please do me a favor and ring them to get us the tracking number for the fed ex package. If they havent sent it yet please ask that they email me when they send it out and include the tracking number so we can look for it. Thank you.

Lisa Bader


I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for our wonderful tour yesterday. The knowledge you shared with us was fantastic and really very interesting, my mum and I really enjoyed it. It has been the highlight of the week so far. I will also most definately pass on your details to any friends who may visit. Warmest wishes



Marrakech deha taihen osewaninari arigatougozaimashita. Ima Japandeha jishin de taihendesuga watashitachha genkidesu. tanoshii Marrakech kara kaeri zannendesu.

kondo Marrakech ni yukuhitogaitara kanarazu youseef wo shoukaishimasne.

Tass-travel Hashimoto

Hello Youssef,

Thank you for you email. Yes, life is very busy as we are working around the earthquake in Japan with my partners there and I am preparing for another trip to Europe at the end of the month. I have taken your advice and purchased some language CDs to begin learning Estonian for when I move there. I recently saw that a famous couple named their baby Morocco and I thought of your lovely country and what a nice name that was. Im glad the conference was in Marrakech and that I could spend one evening walking the streets of your exotic and very beautiful city. It is the mosque that I remember the most, so magnificent. I can see why you love it there.


Hi Youssef!

Its so nice to hear from you, and good to hear youre safe… im really well, thanks, and what about u? Has life suddenly changed? I think people will still love to come to Marrakesh… Take care of yourself

Heike C

vielen Dank fur die Empfehlung eines perfekt sprechenden Guides mit fundierten Geschichtskenntnissen. Visited January 2012

Wir haben die Zeit in den gepflegten Garten u. Parks, in den pulsierenden Souks u

Platzen mit dem orientalischen Feeling sehr genossen.

Marrakesch ist sehenswert. Der Kontrast zw. alt und neu, die Gastfreundschaft, das Feilschen um den Preis.